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In March of 2012, the City held its 19th Annual Employee Appreciation and Awards Banquet, recognizing employees for their service and efforts during 2011. Departmental Safety Awards were presented to the Fire, Garage, Parks, Police, Street, Water and Wastewater Departments for working without on-the-job injuries or at-fault vehicular accidents during 2011.

Individual awards were presented to the following employees:

Kevin Blackburn, Safety Award
Melissa Blackburn, Safety Award
Ronnie Bogany, Safety and Attendance Awards
Ken Bohnert, Safety Award
Dennis Clifton, Volunteer Award
Marty Drake, Safety, Volunteer and 10 Year Service Awards
Dallas Early, Safety Award
Chad Lilley, Safety and 10 Year Service Awards
Leon Middleton, Safety Award
Lewis Milner, Safety, Attendance and 10 Year Service Awards
Darrell Newman, Safety Award
Matt Parrish, Volunteer Award
Scott Paske, Safety, Attendance and 10 Year Service Awards
Jason Thomas, Safety Award

Chad Ward, Safety and Attendance Awards
Kevin Ward, Safety, Attendance and 5 Year Service Awards

Paul Baker, Safety and Volunteer Awards
Jason Britton, Safety Award
George Kirkpatrick, Safety, Attendance and 5 Year Service Awards
Jose Ojeda, Safety Award
Carlos Orosco, Safety Award

Juan Cuellar, Safety and 20 Year Service Awards
Humberto Garcia, Safety Award
Raymond Gilshenan, Safety, Volunteer and 5-Year Service Awards
Cody Marsh, Safety and Volunteer Awards
Sal Ramirez, Safety Award
Alex Rodriguez, Safety Award

Roger Adams, Safety, Attendance and 25 Year Service Awards
Jason Cecil, Safety Award
Josh Fogleman, Safety Award
Bill Haecker, Volunteer Award
Scott Johnson, Safety and 40 Year Service Awards
Hec Long, Volunteer Award
Royce Newport, Safety Award
Dario Ruiz, Safety and Attendance Awards
Tim Smith, Safety and Attendance Awards
Bobby Wallace, Safety, Attendance and 10 Year Service Awards

Sidney Cox, Volunteer Award
Bud Farrar, Safety Award
Cedric Ivory, Safety Award
Philip Lytle, Volunteer Award
Darrell Massey, Safety and Volunteer Awards
Dewayne Oates, Volunteer Award
Derrick Richardson, Safety Award
Jamie Valderez, Volunteer Award

Patricia Crawford, Volunteer Award
Carla Dunning, Volunteer and 15 Year Service Awards
Julie Miller, Volunteer Award
Jerri Greene, Volunteer Award

Priscilla Emrich, Volunteer Award
Sabrina Jackson, Attendance and 5 Year Service Awards
Nita Kuehn, Attendance and Volunteer Awards

Corky Cochran, Volunteer Award
Josh Mohler, 5 Year Service Award

Keith Foxworth, Volunteer and 20 Year Service Award

Stacy Edwards, Safety, Volunteer and 5 Year Service Awards
Toni Fuller,Volunteer Award

Ben Buchanan, Volunteer Award
Cheryl Paul, Volunteer Award

Bob Zeigler, Volunteer Award

Debbie Clack, Volunteer Award
Linda Hammond, Volunteer and 5 Year Service Awards
Ellie Monteaux, Volunteer Award
Gaffney Phillips, Volunteer Award
Marilyn Sutton, Volunteer Award

Welcome to the City of Livingston Benefit Summary Page. The following information describes some of the fringe benefits offered to the City's employees. The City of Livingston continually evaluates our benefit package and strives to keep pace with other entities and organizations in the surrounding area. An employee with questions regarding salary or benefits should contact his or her supervisor or the Human Resources Department.


New Year's Day


Friday, January 1

Martin Luther King Day


Monday, January 18

Memorial Day


Monday, May 30

Independence Day


Monday, July 4

Labor Day


Monday, September 5

Veteran's Day


Friday, November 11



Thursday, November 24
Friday, November 25

Friday, December 23
Monday, December 26



The above holidays, and such days as set by the City Council, are paid holidays for all regular full-time employees.



A regular, full-time employee becomes eligible for vacation after one year's continuous service. Vacation accrues as follows:

1-10 years of service = 10 days of vacation leave
11 - 20 years of service = 15 days of vacation leave
21+ years of service = 20 days of vacation leave.

Upon separation from the City, an employee who leaves in good standing, having adhered to the rules and policies set forth in the personnel manual may receive his or her unused vacation pay.


Beginning upon completion of one year'service, a regular, full-time employee shall be allowed ten days sick leave per year. Sick leave may be accrued up to a total of thirty days. Accrued sick leave has no monetary value and an employee will not be paid for accrued sick leave upon separation from the City.

Should available annual sick leave be exhausted, beginning upon completion of one year's service, a regular, full-time employee may apply to use sick leave from a pool established to provide for the alleviation of hardship caused in the event of catastrophic illness or injury suffered by the employee or a member of the employee's immediate family.

An employee injured on the job will receive worker's compensation benefits. The City will continue to pay the injured employee from available sick leave until worker’s compensation benefits begin. If an employee receives a worker's compensation benefit check as well as the employee's regular benefit check, the employee is expected to assign the compensation check to the City to avoid duplication of payment. Employee benefits, including retirement and group insurance coverage will continue for an injured employee for up to 90 days. At that time, all employee benefits will cease, and the employee will be placed on terminated status. At the first opportunity, an injured employee must make a written report of the accident and injury to the employee's supervisor who shall report the injury and accident to Human Resources. Failure to report an injury that occurs on the job may be grounds for disciplinary action against the employee.


An employee who has worked for the City for at least twelve months and at least 1,250 hours during the preceding 12-month period, is eligible for leave under the provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993.


Paid military leave of up to 15 days per year will be granted in accordance with State and Federal law. Military leave without pay will also be granted in accordance with State and Federal law.


Beginning upon completion of six months'service, a regular, full-time employee shall be eligible for paid emergency (bereavement) leave to attend the funeral of a member of the employee's or the employee's spouse's immediate family. Only three days paid emergency (bereavement) leave may be granted in any calendar year. Emergency (bereavement) leave may not be charged against vacation or sick leave.


All full-time paid employees are automatically enrolled as members of the Texas Municipal Retirement System. Member contributions are deducted from employee's paychecks at the rate of 7%. The City of Livingston matches member contributions and earned interest on a 2-to-1 basis, with the money transferred at the time of retirement.


After 90 days' service, a regular, full-time employee is enrolled in the City's group medical, life and dental plan at no charge to the employee. The City also contributes a set dollar amount, as approved by Council, toward dependent coverage.


Upon annual approval by the City Council and if within budgetary means, all regular full-time employees employed for at least one year receive one week's salary for the Christmas holiday. Full-time employees with less than a year's service receive $50.00. In addition, all employees receive either a turkey or ham for Thanksgiving.


All regular full-time employees (excepting those with clerical positions) are furnished a complete set of uniforms (shirts, pants and caps) to establish an identifiable and unified appearance to the general public.


The City of Livingston hosts an annual Employee Appreciation Dinner for employees and their spouses to recognize and honor City employees with outstanding achievements in safety, attendance, years of service and volunteer program participation.


The classification plan provides a complete inventory of all positions in the City and accurate descriptions and specifications for each class of employment. The classification plan is used as a guide in determining salary to be paid for various types of work and in determining lines of promotion and guidelines for employee training. The pay plan includes the basic salary and the schedule of salary ranges consisting of minimum and maximum rates of pay and intermediate steps for all classes and positions. A merit increase is an advancement to the next higher step and positions are evaluated annually.

In addition to the above pay plan, upon approval of the City Council, and if within budgetary means, salaries are adjusted at the beginning of the fiscal year with a cost of living adjustment based on the average Consumer Price Index.

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