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Ben Buchanan, Community Development Coordinator; Cheryl Paul

  • City Council approved the preliminary replat of Lots 1-3, Block 6 of the West End Subdivision on Bluebird Street, to allow Habitat for Humanity to construct new homes. 

  • In April, the Community Development Department sponsored its annual Community Cleanup at Pedigo Park for City residents to dispose of old bicycles, stoves, refrigerators, furniture and similar items.

  • The Community Development Department conducted 705 inspections and issued 404 building permits in 2011. 

Building Codes and Permits

Building permits are required for all construction within the corporate limits. A list of codes adopted by the City of Livingston appears below. Please note that State law requires all plumbing, electrical and air conditioning work to be done by contractors licensed by the State of Texas. Carbon Monoxide alarms are now required adjacent to sleeping areas in homes with any type of gas-fired equipment.

International Building Code
International Fire Code
International Fuel Gas Code
International Gas Code
International Housing Code
International Mechanical Code
International Plumbing Code
International Residential Code
International Unsafe Building Code
National Electric Code



Building Permits and Construction Values for
10 Years - Calendar Years


Year Value Number of
2002 $4,393,165 76
2003 $14,015,316 80
2004 $8,740,259 131
2005 $7,280,747 114
2006 $29,939,150 123
2007 $31,443,771 537
2008 $7,229,934 508
2009 $77,592,960 90
2010 $24,685,605 76
2011 $15,722,342 404


Building Permit Recap - 2011
Permit Type Number Issued Valuation
Residential - new 9 $     344,553.00
Commercial - new 6 $     508,500.00
Residential & Commercial -
40 $  14,842,433.00
Demolition 9  
Pools/Storage Buildings/Other 18 $     96,270.00
Plumbing 130  
Electrical 130  
Air Conditioning 30  
Others 32  
Totals, 2011 404 $15,791.756.00


Commercial Building Permits - 2011

Bounds Auto Body Shop 301 US 59 Loop South
Rite Track 20 Convenience Store 1809 N. Washington
Sport Clips 1770 W. Church
Cute Nails 1760 W. Church
Rent-A-Center 1774 W. Church
Polk County Abstract 802 N. Washington
LISD High School Renovation #1 Lions Avenue
Polk County Shelter 1103 Dunbar
WalMart Remodel 1620 W. Church
Provident Memory Care 1810 N. Washington



Community Development Permit Forms Available Online

The following applications for permit may be downloaded and completed. All applications must be filed in person at the office of the Community Development Coordinator at the Livingston City Hall. Please call the Community Development Office (936-327-4311) to review completion of the application. Permits may not be available online for all regulated activities – please call the Community Development Office to be determine requirements for development, construction or rehabilitation of any property.

Application for Residential Building Permit
Application for Water and/or Sewer Tap
Application for Driveway Permit and Specifications
Application for Commercial Building Permit
Application for Tank Installation
Application for Tank Removal
Application for Amplification Permit
Application for Plumbing Permit
Application for Mechanical Permit
Application for Automatic Fire Sprinkler System and Fire Stand Pipe Permit
Application for Permit to Drill Oil or Gas Well
Application for Permit to Operate Trench Burner
Application for Electrical Permit
Application for Sign Permit

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